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Paul was very knowledgeable about stem cells and took an extensive amount of time to answer my questions. He was diligent in answering them even before I committed to a consultation. I did experience much relief from the procedure and am grateful for the team at this company.

- Dean T.

I had researched several stem cell therapy companies and went on a number of consultations before contacting Stem Cells LA and speaking with their consultant Paul. The difference in approach was apparent from the start. They were willing to answer questions, they did not try to "sell" me on stem cell applications they didn't believe would work, and I felt like they genuinely cared about helping me. Perhaps what was most impressive was Paul's unwillingness to over-promise on results. Many stem cell companies lie about the source of their stem cells or the probability of success from their usage. Not Stem Cells LA! I got greater relief from my pain than expected. I'll be back for sure!

Marc F.

I originally worked with Rob Angelino over at Best Hair Transplant for a procedure years ago. I was very satisfied with the results and when I heard he also was working with stem cells, it felt like great timing because I was looking into stem cell therapy for back pain. Rob was diligent about answering my questions and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. The improvement in my back and joint pain was well worth it. I can get out of bed and get through a day without pain. Thank you, Stem Cells LA!

Kyle S.