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Erectile Dysfunction & Stem Cell Therapy

stem cells for erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction & Stem Cell Therapy

Per the European Association of Urology, new clinical trial results show that allograft stem cells can restore erectile function to allow previously impotent men to have spontaneous intercourse, or without any other medications, injections or implants. This is the first time in a clinical trials allograft stem cell therapy has produced patients who have recovered sufficient erectile function to enable intercourse.

Within 6 months of the treatment, 8 of the 21 patients reported that they had recovered sufficient erectile function to achieve penetrative sexual activity. However, the IIEF questionnaire (standard for measuring erectile function) score of all the patients increased following the trials. This means that even if it wasn’t enough to not still need the support of medications or other options alongside the treatment, all the patients reported an improvement in their erectile function.

Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem for men, affecting nearly half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 to some degree. Erectile dysfunction is found in younger men than that as well, making it one of the most common issues men may experience in their lifetimes.

Medications like Cialis and Viagra can help, but many patients do not respond to these therapies or the improvement isn’t sufficient enough to be satisfactory. Allograft stem cell therapy is a promising new frontier for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for these individuals. Allograft stem cell therapy may be a great option for patients experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction.

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