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Can Urological Diseases Be Treated with Stem Cells?

stem cells for kidney disease

Can Urological Diseases Be Treated with Stem Cells?

Millions of men and women worldwide experience a detrimental impact on the quality of life from a variety of urologic diseases. Eliminating urologic dysfunction in conditions from urinary incontinence to overactive bladder has always been challenging. Current gold standard therapies still often provide only temporary symptomatic relief without addressing the underlying cause of disease development.

In recent studies, the usage of allograft stem cells to halt disease progression and reverse underlying pathology has shown promise restoring normal function for various urologic diseases. Allograft stem cells may be useful in treating a variety of urologic conditions due to their ability for multilineage cell differentiation and self-renewal. This can give allograft stem cells with proper application regenerative properties assisting in processes like tissue repair. Allograft stem cell injections may also have a therapeutic effect via the secretion of bioactive factors that direct other allograft stem and progenitor cells (biological cells with the ability to differentiate like allograft stem cells) to the area of injury.

All tests have yielded successful outcomes for the condition of stress urinary incontinence, for example, when caused by mechanical, nerve or external urethral sphincter injury. Similarly, tests have been successful in showing an improvement in allograft stem cell treated bladder overactivity.

Current evidence is accruing to suggest that allograft stem cell therapy holds great promise in treating other conditions such as PD, erectile dysfunction and urothelial tissue engineering. If urological disease is something for which you are seeking alternative treatments, a doctor can help you decide if allograft stem cell therapy is right for you.

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Stem Cells LA is the best choice for allograft stem cell therapy in Los Angeles. We utilize treatments of up to 30 million heterogeneous umbilical cord allograft stem cells including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for conditions including autoimmune disease, heart disease, orthopedic disease, neurological disease, urologic disease, erectile dysfunction and antiaging. We even use the restorative properties of allograft stem cell treatments to help reduce healing time from procedures such as hair transplants and other procedures. Only a doctor can help you decide if allograft stem cell treatments are right for you.

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